Rebuilding Arcadia

Rebuilding Arcadia is a book series designed for students and teachers of Humanities and Social Sciences. CourseCraft Modules offer self-paced lessons in Academic English, Creative Writing, History, Politics, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology.

Rebuilding Arcadia also functions as a springboard for classroom discussions. Chapter Study Questions are available on the Blog Page.

Themes include:

  • the construction and loss of identity
  • freedom and responsibility
  • the nature of power
  • relationships and community

Skills students can aim for include:

  • flexible thinking
  • enhanced cognitive skills (knowledge of cognitive tasks)
  • greater tolerance for ambiguity
  • ability to synthesize information
  • improved critical thinking skills
  • strategic knowledge
  • self-knowledge (knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses as a learner)

Students – start with the Student Resources Page.  Links to the novel are found here.

Teachers – please visit Teacher Resources.

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