Chapter One – Alternative History


Rebuilding Arcadia is set in a steampunk universe.  This means that history has taken a different course.  Events in the past have led to a radically different future.  Take a moment to examine historic events, organizations and political entities.  Use reasoning, logic and your imaginations to explore how this world may have developed.  Answer those tricky ‘what if’ questions.

  1.  Read the information below on the Haganah. How would modern groups, operating in a similar fashion, pose a threat to the State in Arcadia?

“During World War II, Haganah members enlisted in the various units of the British Armed Forces. The Haganah cooperated with British Intelligence in gathering information and in parachuting Haganah members into occupied Europe to rescue Jews. As long as the war lasted, cooperation with the British overrode resistance and struggle against British policies in Palestine.

After the end of World War II, the Haganah was the largest and most important Jewish military force operating against the British—liberating interned immigrants, bombing the country’s railroad network, sabotaging radar installations and bases of the British police, sabotaging British vessels engaged in deporting clandestine immigrants and destroying all road and railroad bridges on the borders. The Haganah was also responsible for mass clandestine immigration from Europe and North Africa (1944–48) both by sea and land. ”

* Quotation taken from the Lexicon of Zionism, The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


2.  Use your research and ideas to create a resistance group. You can use the format of a diary entry or a short story.  Or you can map out the group’s functions or main members in a list.


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