Chapter One – Ecotopia

  • What is implied by the subtitle of Chapter One  – 10 Years after Fallout?
  • Define the term ecotopia.
  • Write a short descriptive explanation linking the two terms. Explore how one reality would lead to the other.

Suggested Readings

MATHISEN, W. (2001). The Underestimation of Politics in Green Utopias: The Description of Politics in Huxley’s Island, Le Guin’s The Dispossessed, and Callenbach’s Ecotopia. Utopian Studies, 12(1), 56-78. Retrieved April 19, 2020, from

De GEUS, M. (2002). ECOTOPIA, SUSTAINABILITY, AND VISION. Organization & Environment, 15(2), 187-201. Retrieved April 19, 2020, from

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