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Welcome to the Rebuilding Arcadia CourseCraft Series.  There are two streams to choose from – Academic or Creative Writing. Each course has several modules, created by different teachers.  Module Landing Pages (the links below) include course requirements, the course description, and enrollment details.

Course lessons are released in a drip-feed cycle. This means you’ll usually see only one or two lessons after enrollment.  Others will be visible, as the week progresses. You’ll get an email when new lessons are published.

Most courses have private tuition, feedback and marking as a separate add-on.

For more information visit the Student Resources Page or contact a teacher for assistance.

Rebuilding Arcadia Series – Academic Focus Stream

Module 1 – Introduction

Module One introduces the key skills you need to be successful in this course. Topics include Reading Skills, introductions to Self-Regulated Learning, Political Philosophy, Art and the Steampunk Genre. Private tuition is available.

Modules 2-3 – Political Philosophy and Psychology 

Coming Soon!  Watch this space!

Modules 4-5  – Art Series – Coming Soon! 

Journey through the Capitol Series – Creative Writing Stream

Creative Writing Course – RolePlay – Module 1

This is a role-playing course that builds your skills and identity as a writer.
Journey through the Capitol – Module 1 focuses on the first two chapters of the novel – Rebuilding Arcadia (Book One). All writing is set in the Steampunk Universe and has a Victorian feel to it.
Private tuition is available.

Creative Writing Course – RolePlay – Module 2

Enrollment Opens Soon! Sign up to the wait-list to get a discount.

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