Student Lessons

This page is for students interested in self-paced online learning.

Lessons are adapted to your needs and language level. A good starting point is to contact a teacher directly so that he/she can determine your academic level and interests. A list of teachers can be found on the Teachers and Contributors Page.

Go to the Contact Page or Calendars and Announcements for private classes and assistance.

Student Groups

You may find that you fall into one of these categories as a student:

  • ESL student (under 18)
  • Year 10 SOSE student (Australian research group)
  • University student (needing extra tuition in History and Politics)
  • Adult ESL student (with prior subject knowledge)
  • Mature-age student (interested in learning and keeping intellectually active)

If you want to study as a group with your friends, be sure to mention this, as discounts are available.

Journey through the Capitol

Here’s a snapshot of our interactive creative writing course!

Journey through the steampunk world of Arcadia! You can experience Arcadia through the eyes of the people who live there, by enrolling in a series of courses. You can choose to develop your creative writing skills through a ‘choose your own adventure’ style experience. You’ll have the opportunity to write from the perspective of different characters. Your teacher will give you multiple options (some are listed below) and role-play with you.

Discover Arcadia with DELTA

To say I was confused was an understatement – memories and emotions fragmented and merged – I felt like I was on a bridge to nowhere. Perhaps my existence had more in common with the sewers and underground tunnels of Neverwhere than with reality? All I could do was step forward…

Discover Arcadia with LT. BRAYDAN

Her attempts to hide her emotions were gallant.  But once I looked into those blue eyes I knew it would be easy…too easy.

In some ways, I wish this was all over.

Someday, I hope she will forgive me and understand that we are in a sealed-off place, a war-zone, an in-between land, where these things are permissible, necessary and unavoidable.

Discover Arcadia with JORDAN

I hate this. Underneath everything I can feel it – that cold shudder you get when you know you’re being dragged through filth, but you just can’t prove it…

Discover Arcadia with TAYLOR

Papa’s coat rubbed on my neck – I hated that old thing.  I left it near the barbed wire fence at the border.  Sorry, Papa – You told me the Capitol was a dark, bad place… but when I saw the gardens, the color, the people – I cried.  It felt beautiful.

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